Van Wert

Nestled in the rich farmland of northwest Ohio, Van Wert is also the center of a vibrant cultural life. With a long history of hard work, dedication and philanthropy, our community is blessed with beautiful parks, outstanding architecture, an excellent educational system, a world-class performing arts center, the first county library in the United States, a beautifully maintained historic county court house, friendly people, entertainment venues, multiple dining options and so much more. We are on the cutting edge of green technology with a 115-turbine wind farm, a vocational career center invested heavily into solar power, and industries generating with own electrical power. Van Wert is located along the historic Lincoln Highway – the first transcontinental highway built in the United States. We have four easily accessed museums representing many facets of early life in the Great Black Swamp area of northwest Ohio. These include the Van Wert County Museum, an Antique Fire Equipment Museum, a canal museum presenting the story of the Miami and Erie Canal, and a postal history museum – one of only 3 such museums in the United States and have several permanent exhibits on loan from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.  The Wassenberg Art Center has been favorably compared with upscale galleries in New York and other large cities.  A permanent exhibit, “Faces of Little Bighorn”, features the artwork of the late David Humphreys Miller of Van Wert, who, as a young teenager became fascinated with the battle and started interviewing Lakota survivors of that pivotal American battle. His life’s work encompasses hundreds of painted portraits of the Lakota Sioux and Plains Indians.