Ohio has been home to explorers and innovators as far back as 20,000 years ago. Just experience one of the amazing mounds and earthworks left here by ancients called the Adena and Hopewell. How did people digging by hand create Serpent Mound and orient it to the solstices? With its rich soil, abundant wildlife and water, Ohio has been a desirable place to call home throughout history. Many groups came to Ohio in search of freedom or to escape religious persecution and found Ohio to be a progressive place. Add Lake Erie to the north and the Ohio River to the south, and it’s no wonder the state became a center of invention and industry.

History truly jumps from the pages of the books and the Internet to life across the state at locations where Ohioans passionate about our history keep it alive. They that share the amazing stories of historic peoples, flight (both in the world and in space), freedom fighters, war and peace memorials, historic villages, canal towpath trails for exploring, seven U.S. Presidents and more. So if you think history is just a bunch of old dusty stuff, you have another thing coming. We’ll show you how rock and roll intertwined with cultural revoluations and how a couple of bicycle shop owners made airplane flight a reality. We have no doubt that when you leave, you will do so with a renewed vigor and a feeling that anything is possible!

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