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If you are looking for a fun weekend of fun with family or friends, Ohio will open your eyes to tastes, culture, sports and funny, weird celebrations beyond your wildest imagination! You see in Ohio, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We can attend a Duck Tape parade over Fathers Day and follow that up with the world’s largest gathering of twins at the Twins Day Festival in August. We have contests to grow big pumpkins (have you ever seen a 1,000-pound pumpkin?!), have a bicycle race that reduces your time for every donut you are able to consume, race dragon boats on the river then watch the pros race hydroplanes and trucks.

Every vegetable, culture, fruit and hall of fame has its day in Ohio, and they are guaranteed to be the stuff of laughter and memories for years to come. See legends face-to-face during the Rock and Roll and Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductions then decide what culture you want to enjoy for a day – Asian, Irish, German, Scottish, Greek – we celebrate them all! So get your taste buds ready for pumpkin burgers, sauerkraut balls, strawberry shortcake and more.

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