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Cleveland Museum of Art

The arts scene in Ohio is absolutely exploding these days! More and more often, Ohio art organizations are landing major shows and exhibitions whose only Midwestern showing takes place in the state. And it’s no wonder. Major industrialists created and supported magnificent museums that have been collecting and exposing Ohioans and visitors alike to magnificent art forms for more than 100 years. Collections in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati trace art to its very beginnings, and then add major museums for modern arts, symphonies, ballet and Broadway Shows at a fraction of the Broadway prices.

And that’s only the beginning because next tier cities including Toledo, Dayton, Akron/Canton and Youngstown all serve up amazing opportunities as well from a renowned Glass Pavilion to a museum created just for American Art. Even better is the fact that thanks to arts patrons, many of these great facilities exist for the love of art and the impact it can have on us when we slow down and really take in all those extraordinary brush strokes, concertos, movements, song and stories. They will open your mind to possibilities and feed your soul with joyful creativity!

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