Ohio. Find It Here.

A new spirit is overtaking Ohio. A re-energized Ohio calls for a stronger, distinctive voice to set it apart as a place to play, stay, live and work. Ohio. Find It Here. is Ohio’s new brand. The "it" illustrates the emotional connection that occurs when you experience Ohio with the ones who matter most to you, and the diversity of attractions in Ohio.                              

Joy. Love. Excitement. Happiness. Ohio. Find It Here. 

It’s ultimately about taking home priceless souvenirs – heart-warming, inspiring memories and deeper connections that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It’s about getting scared out of your wits with your 10 year old son.

It’s about the dark ale bringing out the darkest secrets of your best friend.

It’s about your daughter giggling when she gets ice cream on her nose.

It’s about tears in your grandfather’s eyes as he relives his flying missions during World War II. 

For those who understand what life’s most important journey is all about, Ohio. Find It Here.

The new brand will help reinforce, on an emotional level, the joy, happiness, excitement and shared connections people experience in Ohio.  What will you find here?