About TourismOhio

TourismOhio strives to make Ohio a destination of choice, enriching lives through authentic travel experiences. TourismOhio aggressively positions Ohio as relevant travel destination and supports Ohio’s tourism industry to drive economic prosperity throughout the state. Tourism marketing programs helped generate 200 million visits to Ohio and $40 billion in sales in 2014.

TourismOhio PlantoWin

TourismOhio conducted an industry-wide effort to create a Strategic Plan for 2015-2018. The process was led by the 11-member TourismOhio Advisory Board and will lay a foundation for growth for Ohio tourism.

  • Vision: Ohio is a destination of choice, enriching lives through authentic travel experiences. 
  • Mission: Aggressively position Ohio as a relevant travel destination and support Ohio's tourism industry to drive economic prosperity throughout the state. 

TourismOhio Year-in-Review

TourismOhio spent 2015 with eyes set on the future of growing Ohio tourism. The phase "to be remarkable, we must be relentless" never rang truer than for TourismOhio this past year. We put this phrase into action to turn people's heads and hearts to Ohio. There were many firsts and new ideas that took shape. Here is our 2015 Year-in-Review.  

Tourism Industry Services

  • Social Media: Promote your Ohio experience for free with help from our Discover Ohio Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Blog Coverage: Invite a blogger to come experience your Ohio destination.
  • Publications: Publicize your event in our Calendar of Events or highlight your Ohio destination in the Ohio Travel Guide and app.
  • Advertising Co-Ops: Make your advertising dollars stretch farther by partnering with us to make print ads more affordable.
  • Media Missions: Get face to face with publications that target your customers. Sign up for one of our media mission trips.
  • Brochure Distribution: Make sure your printed brochures catch the eye of travelers along Ohio roadways. We can help you distribute them at Travel Information Centers.
  • Ohio.org Listing & Events Database: Add your destination to our online database so customers can search for you on our website. Log on to the database at ohdataengine.milesmedia.com
  • For more information on partner opportunities, please visit our industry website. 


TourismOhio now has twice the funding available as compared to previous years, to help promote the state’s travel experiences. The funding model for marketing Ohio is based on the growth of spending within tourism industries. It is performance-based and depends on the increase in sales tax year to year, up to $10 million. The model is set up as a 5-year pilot funding model beginning in Fiscal Year 2014.

Economic Impact

Tourism is a major economic driver for the state and is a $40 billion industry. Ohio has seen a steady increase in visitor spending since 2009. In 2014, Ohio welcomed 200 million visitors, most of which are within a day's drive (300-500 miles). 

38 million visitors stay overnight in Ohio in 2014, spending 3 times as much as day visitors. Daytrip visitors spend an estimated $112 per person, while overnight visitors spend an estimated $341 per person. 

The tourism industries also support about 412,000 Ohio jobs (full time, part time and seasonal).